Benefits of Empire Mediblue

Empire Mediblue is composed of different types of Medicare Advantage HMO plans which can be obtained by Medicare beneficiaries.  Mediblue HMO Select, HMO Plus and HMO Essential can be obtained by any Medicare beneficiary.  Mediblue HMO Select and HMO Plus plans include prescription drug coverage while the HMO Essential plan does not have any coverage for prescription drugs.  For Medicare beneficiaries who have only limited income, the best plan is the MediBlue Total Solutions.


Empire Mediblue plans offer several benefits which are the same as those offered in Medicare Part A and Part B plus a lot of significant benefits which are needed by Medicare beneficiaries.  Some of these important benefits include immunizations, limitless routine physical checkups, annual exams for hearing, vision and gynecological exams.  Medicare beneficiaries can also enjoy emergency care from any parts of the world as well as limitless days for inpatient care provided that it is necessary.  With MediBlue Total Solutions, you can also enjoy transportation benefits.  Mediblue HMO Select, HMO Plus and Total Solutions offer coverage for prescription drugs without any annual deductible. Breast cancer patients feel anxious when they need to wait for weeks after they get an evaluation before they can obtain surgery for their breast cancer.  According to the study from Fox Chase Cancer Center, these waits are typical in the United States.  In 2005, breast cancer patients had to wait for 32 days before they were able to undergo surgery.  This result shows an increase from 1992 wherein patients had to wait for 21 days.  It can take at least a month or so for most Medicare patients to obtain a diagnosis or a surgery from the time of their first consultation.

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