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At Senior Health Benefits Group we understand how difficult it can be finding the right health insurance coverage on a tight budget. That is why we offer the most comprehensive Medicare plans, including Medicare Supplement Long Island at the lowest price as well as timely articles and news stories to help you keep learn the newest information to maintain your health and stay touch with today’s hot topics.


We have all heard the adage, “Milk, it does a body good, “but a recent story posted on the popular tells us milk may be good for more than was originally thought. Written by Chris Kaiser, the story tells us that a study done by the American Heart Association has proven that men who ingest larger amounts of milk products including milk, cheese and butter have a 1.8% better artery flexibility than men who limit their intake. That’s not all. The story also tells us that systolic blood pressure of those who eat more dairy was about 10.4 mmhg lower. Sounds like a sound prescription for a tall glass of milk and a few cookies this holiday season. Oh, but watch that butter. Butter is still a guilty contender in the wars against triacylglycerol, higher insulin, diastolic blood pressure and total cholesterol. Medicare can be confusing, let us help.


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