How to Assess Your New York Insurance Quotes

New York insurance quotes are based on several factors such as age, health conditions and others.  After applying for a health insurance plan, you can expect a call from your insurance provider.  These days, insurance companies prefer to speak with you since this is much quicker than obtaining information from your doctors.  It would be best to retain a copy of your application so that when they call you can refer to it.  The reason why they will be calling you is to verify your answers.  They want to clarify some things that may affect the underwriting process.  As much as possible, try to be as straightforward as you can and do not provide more details if they are not required. If you are taking medications then you must be sure that you know their dosage and frequency.  You should also know when they were prescribed to you.  If you are taking generic medications then do not forget to indicate this.  Most insurance companies prefer generic drugs because they are much cheaper and most likely you can obtain a better underwriting for it.


According to health policy experts, if Medicaid coverage is extended to uninsured adults then it might cause an increase to the overall cost of the program.  This is because these uninsured patients may require costly health care compared to those who are presently enrolled in the program.  The Affordable Care Act offers each state the opportunity to extend Medicaid programs in order to provide coverage to those who are uninsured.  The objective of the study is to compare the health services and needs of the uninsured with those who are currently Medicaid recipients.  This can help in predicting the financial impact of offering coverage to the uninsured.


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