Medicare is Sprung Back into the Spotlight

Have you seen the news lately? It is the end of another year and the beginning of another presidential run which means questions about the government’s spending are coming sharply into focus, especially questions about how exactly we can pay for “Obamacare.” One issue on the table, which affects Bronx senior healthcare, is Medicare.


The Medicare program has been a financial drain on our economy for several years. That is a fact. Fraud, a growing elderly population and dingbats running the show seems to be the main reasons for this problem, but policy makers may actually make the problem worse by extending the age limits for Medicare eligibility from 65 to 67. 


Ok, I agree that raising the age limit would actually save a few million dollars over the next few years but at what cost? The fact is changing the age limit would cause more trouble than it is worth. Sure the government could probably save the $100 billion estimated by the pencil pusher but according to many financial experts the “cost” would shift to those who could least afford it, seniors on the program. The way health insurance works practically guarantees that premiums would increase for everyone if the age is raised. Why? Simple really, health insurance cost is shared by everyone in the group and the less healthy the group is the higher the premiums will be. Dropping a large percentage of the healthier members guarantees higher premiums for those who are left.


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