Shopping For Medicare Supplement Long Island Is a Great Challenge

By the time you reach the age of 65 you are eligible for Medicare.  One of the greatest challenges that you have to face is finding the right Medicare Supplement Long Island.  But actually it is not quite difficult.  If you are already more than 65 years old and you do not have any medical plan from the government or from your former employer then you have to research the best option.  Sometimes you may find your mailbox filled with marketing brochures from different Medicare supplement insurance providers.  You can also get brochures about the different coverage offered by Medicare supplement plans.  The worse scenario is that you would receive unexpected phone calls and visits from those people who want to help you to understand your options. This overload of information might start 6 months before your 65th birthday and it will continue to come for months. 


Even after reaching the age of 65, you can still get a lot of offers from different health insurance companies.  Most of these plans seem too good to be true. Medicare supplement plans are not the same with PPOs or HMOs because they do not use networks of health providers.  After obtaining a Medicare supplement plan, you do not have to worry about which doctor you are going to use.  When Medicare approves your claim, then your insurance provider for your Medicare supplement plan will be notified.  Therefore your insurance company will not be the one which will make the decision as to whether or not your claim will be paid.  If Medicare approves your claim then they will pay for it.  However if Medicare will not approve your claim then your insurance company will not pay anything.


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