Victims of Sandy get more time

Hurricane Sandy rocked the east coast wreaking havoc along the way and making it incredibly difficult for those with Medicare senior healthcare Queens who were negatively affected by the storm to meet the Medicare “Open Enrollment” deadline of December 7, 2012. But there is good news. Seniors who missed the open enrollment cut off but want to make changes to their existing Medicare plans can still do so.


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced that they would be extending the deadline for Medicare Open Enrollment for those affected by the storm. Just call 1-800-Medicare if you need more flexibility and any changes you make to your health insurance coverage will take effect on the first of the following month. In other words if you made changes to your benefits on January 12 then those changes will go into effect on February 1.


Those who are currently enrolled in a Medicare health plan that they are happy with do not need to do anything at all, they will be re-enrolled automatically into the same plan they had last year with no lapse in coverage or benefits. Medicare can be confusing, let us help. Our team of experts has the training and tools needed to help you make important decisions about your Medicare Advantage plans in New York, supplement and Medigap policies so that you can rest assured that you will get the best possible coverage at a competitive price. Protect your financial future with the right senior healthcare Queens insurance plan for your needs, today.


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