What to Look For When Choosing Empire Plan Providers

There are several Empire plan providers which can offer you different types of plans.  But before making a decision, you have to make sure that the provider is well experienced and has been in the insurance industry for quite some time.  Choose a provider that can give you with an affordably priced coverage plan.  It is important to select a provider that offers excellent service to all consumers. Based on the study conducted by RAND Corporation, physicians who have lesser experiences may require costly treatments to their patients compared to those physicians who are well experienced.  This is the first study that is being done which relates the medical costs to the characteristics of the physicians.  These findings can significantly affect physicians who have lesser experiences.  The tendency is that they might be excluded from networks. 


Government programs and private health insurance companies may provide them with lower payments since they deliver a lower quality of care. According to Dr. Ateev Mehrotra, the lead author of the study, these findings are quite aggressive but they require further investigation so that the results can be affirmed.  Federal plans and private plan providers are now creating strategies so that those physicians who provide quality health care at a lesser cost can be rewarded. The study did not find any connection between the medical costs and other characteristics whether the physician has a disciplinary action or if he is board certified.  Researchers say there is no indication that better medical care can be obtained from physicians who have less experiences.  They do not find any relationship between spending and quality.  According to Mehrotra, these findings should not be considered as final.


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